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What precautions should be paid attention to when installing the tunnel fan

     The construction of underground tunnels is carried out in a sealed environment, especially many tunnels are long in length, so its ventilation is difficult to ensure. If the air can not be fully replaced, serious production events will occur, so the need for air replacement fans. Below, xiaobian will introduce the precautions for the installation of tunnel fans.

      Generally, the following points should be noted when installing the tunnel fan:

The fan base shall be level and firm, and the height of the base shall be ≥200mm.

Fan and air duct are connected by fan soft connection (flexible material and no incineration), the length should not be less than 200mm, and the pipe diameter is the same as the fan inlet and outlet scale. In order to ensure that the soft connection of the fan does not appear distortion in the process of working in the system, the tightness of the device should be appropriate. For canvas hose installed at the suction end of the fan, it can be slightly tightened to avoid being sucked in when the fan is working and reduce the cross section size of canvas hose.

It is necessary for the steel support of the tunnel fan to be fixed on the concrete base, and it is necessary to increase the rubber damping pad between the steel support and the base of the fan. All the fans and motor components are installed on the whole steel bracket, the steel floor is installed on the damping pad at the top of the base, and the damping pad is best used with multi-pass rubber plate.

The pipe diameter of the outlet of the tunnel fan can only be larger, not smaller, and the final outlet should be equipped with insect-proof nets, and the wind and rain caps should be increased when the wind is tilted upwards.

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