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Overview of centrifugal fan wear parts

 Overview of centrifugal fan wear parts

When we use a certain equipment, we will find that the equipment may always have the problem of local wear, that is to say, among the parts of the equipment, some parts are easy to wear. When users use centrifugal fans, they will find that the vulnerable parts of the equipment mainly have two parts, namely the blade and the volute, and this phenomenon is particularly obvious in power plants.

The first thing I want to introduce to you is the wear of the blade. The wear of blades in different equipment is also different. For example, a part of the centrifugal fan is the forward blade wear is more serious. The main parts of wear are: blade inlet, outlet and near the rear disc blade root. Some fans use radial straight blades. The wear of this kind of blade is mainly as follows: it is usually in serrated shape, and the wear part is mainly concentrated at the exit of the blade, which will gradually weaken inward from the exit of the blade.

In addition to the above two cases, in practical work, there are also some centrifugal fans using backward airfoil blades. For this kind of blade wear, the most serious parts are the outlet section near the side of the rear disk and the blade head. If the blade head is worn, it is easy to be invaded by coal ash in the blade cavity, which gradually causes the balance of the rotor to be destroyed, resulting in fan vibration and other problems.

One type of blade is known as a straight back blade. After research, it is found that if the centrifugal fan uses this kind of blade, it often shows that the wear situation is easy to be worn on the middle disk side located at the exit of the blade.

No matter what type of centrifugal fan, the wear on the volute is basically the same, and the serious parts are located near the cochlea tongue. Under normal circumstances, the wear on the volute of centrifugal fan starts from the cochlea tongue, and the wear is more serious in 1/6 to 1/4 of the cochlea line.

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