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Basic principle of stainless steel axial flow fan

      1. Axial fan blades work in a similar way to airplane wings. Whereas the latter exerts lift upward on the wings and supports the weight of the aircraft, axial fans hold the air in place and move it.

      2. The cross-section of axial flow fan is generally wing section. Blades can be fixed in position or rotated around their longitudinal axis. The Angle between the blades and the airflow or the spacing between the blades can be unadjustable or adjustable. Changing blade Angle or spacing is one of the main advantages of axial flow fans. Small blade spacing Angle produces lower flow rate, while increasing blade spacing produces higher flow rate. Advanced axial-flow fans can vary the blade spacing as the fan runs (much like a helicopter rotor) and thus vary the flow rate accordingly. This is called a moving vane adjustable (VP) axial flow fan.

      3. Axial flow fan is also called local fan, is a fan commonly used in industrial and mining enterprises, Ann is different from the general fan its motor and blade are in a cylinder, shape is a cylinder, used for local ventilation, convenient installation, ventilation effect is obvious, safe, can be connected to the air duct to the designated area.

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