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How to debug FRP fan in operation?

      FRP centrifugal fans are suitable for the ventilation and exhaust of office buildings, shopping malls, theaters, hospitals, factories, workshops, basements and so on. The gas delivered should be non-viscous, so how to debug FRP fan when used? Let me give you a brief introduction.

1. The fan is allowed to start at full voltage or step-down voltage, but it should be noted that the current at full-voltage starting is about 5-7 times of the rated current, and the step-down starting torque is proportional to the square of voltage. When the power grid capacity is insufficient, the step-down starting should be selected.

2. During commissioning, read the product manual carefully and check whether the wiring mode is consistent with the wiring diagram; Carefully check whether the working voltage provided to the fan meets the requirements, whether the power supply is out of phase or in phase, and whether the capacity of the distributor component meets the requirements.

3. During the trial run, there shall be no less than two people. One person shall control the power supply, and the other person shall check the fan. The rotation direction of the main check is correct; After the fan starts running, check whether the running current of each phase is balanced and whether the current exceeds the rated current. If there is any abnormality, stop the check five minutes after the operation. If there is any abnormality, stop the check of the fan and admit that there is no abnormality before starting to work.

4. When the fan reaches the normal speed, measure whether the input current of the fan is normal. The working current of the FRP fan should not exceed its rated current. If the operating current exceeds its rated current, check whether the supplied voltage is normal.

The above is the debugging method of FRP fan in operation. The equipment is a glass fiber reinforced plastic fan, appearance and size in addition to the shell and impeller is glass fiber reinforced plastic, it is also corrosion resistant acid and alkali resistance is a kind of anti-corrosion fan.

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