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What is the cause of trip of FRP fan?

      Fiberglass fans and other types of fans are afraid of tripping during operation, because this will not only affect the efficiency of the fan, but also damage the operation and performance of the fan itself. Frequent tripping accelerates fan wear and damage. So what is the reason for the trip of FRP fan? Now, let's take a look.

1. If the starting current is too high, lower the starting voltage for high-power FRP fans.

2. The overload of FRP fan may be caused by the reduction of pressure regulating valve at inlet and outlet of pipeline, small capacity of switching system, or unreasonable setting value of thermal protector.

3. Reverse rotation of the impeller: it is necessary to adjust the correct rotation direction of the impeller in time, because this may lead to poor line contact or phase loss.

4. Poor function of control box accessories, or poor contact between fan line and society, resulting in lack of phase, lack of network, low pressure. We need to adjust the FRP fan line again and replace the control box with complete management functions.

5. Irregular lines. After running for a period of time, the line was cut off due to contact heating, and the wiring operation was carried out in strict accordance with the line standard.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic fan refers to the glass fiber reinforced plastic fan, its appearance, size and steel fan are exactly the same, but the shell and impeller is glass fiber reinforced plastic material, its characteristics are corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, is a kind of anti-corrosion fan.

FRP fans are suitable for ventilation and exhaust in office buildings, shopping malls, theaters, hospitals, factories, workshops, basement and other places. The gas delivered should not contain viscous substances, and the gas temperature is not greater than 80℃, and the mass of the medium is not greater than 150mg/M3.

In summary, the speed mismatch of FRP fans, high-speed motor wiring, faults and other problems are mostly related to the line connection, which may lead to trip. Therefore, the above main factors are errors in the installation process. To solve these problems, strict installation procedures and reasonable circuit planning are required to ensure stable current transmission and avoid the possibility of fan trip.

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