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Axial fan can change fresh air

       Axial fans work by taking in air and blowing it forward, moving it along the axis of the fan. There is no centrifugal effect on the air flow, guide vane, static blade can make the air flow straight, improve efficiency, usually, the use of axial flow fan and large flow. Under relatively small pressure, axial fan can be used to promote fresh air, return air tank exhaust, rotary filter exhaust, exhaust... , according to the specific use, processing air volume to determine the fan size, manufacturing material.

The main source of blade force in the air is axial from inlet to outlet, so pressure rise is provided by a process called direct blade action. Blade forces must have an additional component in the tangential direction, which has a negative effect on drive torque: it directly causes air to rotate about its axis, regardless of its forward direction. Axial flow fan capacity from 2.83m3/min to 14158m3/min.

      An airfoil axial fan exerts more force on the air, increasing pressure and maintaining efficiency over a wider volume flow range.

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