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Note and preparation before installation of FRP fan

      Glass fiber reinforced plastic fan refers to the glass fiber reinforced plastic fan, its appearance, size and steel fan are exactly the same, but the shell and impeller are glass fiber reinforced plastic material. So do you know what FRP fan should pay attention to or what should be prepared before installation? Xiaobian sorted out some information, let's have a look.

First, matters needing attention

1. The grounding of FRP fan shell or motor shell should be reliable, and it is forbidden to run with excess fixed current or without phase;

2. The number of oiling for the bearing of FRP fan should not be less than 1000 hours/time. Do not maintain the fan in operation.

Two, the preparation before installation

1. Before unpacking the GLASS fiber reinforced plastic fan, check whether the package is intact, whether the nameplate parameters of the glass fiber reinforced plastic fan meet the requirements, and whether the accessories are complete.

2. Carefully check whether there is deformation or damage in the transportation process, whether fasteners are loose or falling off, and whether there is friction in the impeller. Check each part of the FRP fan.

3. Use a 500V megohm meter to measure the insulation resistance between the FRP fan shell and the motor winding, and the value should be greater than 0.5 Megohm meter. Otherwise, the motor winding should be dried, and the drying temperature should not exceed 120℃.

4. Prepare materials, tools, and sites for installing FRP fans.

FRP fan corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, it belongs to a kind of anti-corrosion fan. The above is a small series of matters needing attention and preparation before installing FRP fan, I hope to help you.

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