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Fire exhaust fan maintenance method

      Usually in the use of HTF fire exhaust fan, only good maintenance work, to ensure the extension of its service life, to ensure high efficiency of work, the company's technical staff summed up the following four points, hoping to help customers use.

    1. Regularly check whether the oil storage capacity of the oil tank is below the minimum cut line. If the butter is surplus, please refuel it.

    2. Check whether the atmosphere filter is dirty. If it is dirty, remove the atmosphere filter, unscrew the butterfly screw, remove the cover, and clean the filter sponge.

    3. Review of triangle belt

        After the fan runs for a period of time, the triangle belt will expand. At that time, the flow nut of the generator should be tightened, the generator should be moved, the triangle should be tightened back to the appropriate position and then the generator flow nut should be tightened, and pay attention to the end face of the generator driving belt wheel breeze machine driving belt wheel should be on the same three-dimensional. At the same time, check whether the setting screws of the two belt wheels can be loosened. If they are loosened, please tighten them.

    4. Daily review

       The sensitivity of HTF fire exhaust fan safety valve, if not, please clean and adjust to ensure reliable opening and closing.


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