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What are the ventilation requirements for tunnel jet fans

      As can be seen from the name, tunnel jet fans are fans used in tunnels. Generally speaking, the ventilation mode of tunnel jet fan is determined by some factors of the tunnel, such as tunnel length, section size, construction method, etc. However, tunnel jet fans mainly work by introducing fresh air from outside the tunnel, so there are certain requirements for ventilation.

The residential fan of the tunnel jet fan should be kept working normally. To stop, you must first stop other work affected by the shutdown. No sundries should be placed about 5 meters near the jet fan in the tunnel. Some filtering measures should be set up at the vent of the jet fan and safety measures should be taken. In case of failure, it can stop by itself.

Tunnel jet fans should have appropriate reserves. The main fan device must meet the requirements of the ventilation idea, the auxiliary fan in the hole should be installed in the flow of fresh air; When the main fan works on an overhead fan with a fixed height greater than 30m from the opening, the dust particles and gas in the dust cyclone are divided into two phases, and the gas moves 90 degrees from the fan outlet to the entrance.

Because dust particles in motion, high quality dust particles into the air duct decelerate to the blade surface, surface and rear disk border, blade work after movement, a large number of dust particles in the blade does not work when the movement. The wear modes of fan blades are generally divided into corrosion wear, chemical wear, fatigue wear and abrasive wear.

Dust particles into the tunnel jet fan impeller, interact with wall, in the export of centrifugal flow area and the axial flow passage, basically is in the whirlwind entrainment and its flexibility in competition, collided with nonzero Angle of attack the wall, and then bounce into the flow passage, the cause and the data prove that wear is a lot of erosion wear.

And in the inlet sea of the centrifugal flow channel, dust particles moved in the flow channel for a long time, and most of them collided with the wall for many times. Basically, they slid along the pressure gauge or rolled on the wall. There is a certain pressure effect on the wall, so the wear of the data behind the formation is abrasion abrasion.

Under pressure, dust particles gather more and more seriously near the sea. The blade surface wear is mainly composed of solid particles corroding the fan blade and solid particles wearing the blade surface active particles. The former is mainly produced by the front part of the blade, while the latter is produced by the tail part of the blade.

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