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How to deal with the unstable wind force of FRP fan?

      In the use of FRP centrifugal fans, sometimes there will be trouble in the wind instability. Once such a problem occurs, it will directly harm the operation process. It is necessary to master the reasons for the wind instability, so that we can solve the problem appropriately.

      Because there are some difficulties in the diode of the electronic rectifier of the FRP fan, all the machine and equipment are hurt.

      The carbon powder of the rotor and motor commutator is also different from the carbon brush of the motor. At this time, we can first discuss the adjustable resistance of the suction filter heat dissipation fan, and the resistance value will be adjusted to change the better.

      The problem may appear in the silicon controlled, as if the direction, loosening and short circuit fault common faults, and is not touch this situation is also the cause of the unstable speed of FRP fan.

      In the case of FRP fan speed, it can be used as a DC power supply of magnetic induction electromagnetic speed regulating motor, the key to its speed is to use adjustable resistance to change. By using predictable electronic rectifiers on either side of the motor, the speed of the FRP fan can be maintained and controlled.

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