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  • Industrial centrifugal blower fan
Industrial centrifugal blower fan

Industrial centrifugal blower fan

China Shandong Hanqi manufacture and export kinds of Industrial centrifugal blower fan for more than twenty years.

Centrifugal blower fans application range: Explosion-proof, high pressure, power station, industrial boiler, high temperature, anticorrosion, furnace, smoke exhaust, dust exhaust, coal powder.

used in mines, oil fields, chemical industry, furnace, textile, building materials, construction, animal husbandry, cooling tower, vehicles, ships and other ventilation systems.

Centrifugal ventilation fans materials:stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic,rubber liner, PP plastic, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, manganese steel.

Centrifugal exhaust industrial fans character: corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, strong applicability, durable, economical, efficient, low noise,long service life.

Connection mode: direct drive, belt drive, coupling drive.

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