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Installation performance characteristics of axial flow fan in tunnel

      One is the material selection of tunnel axial fan. Corrosion resistant materials can be selected according to the use environment. From physical and chemical properties, cost performance and many other factors, the strength of the basic determination. From the data itself, the target material is secure. Second, tunnel axial fan design. Good design can prolong the service life of the equipment and ensure the safety of the equipment. For structural design, stress concentration tendency and clearance environment are the main defects of accelerated corrosion design. If the gap is generated, the gap corrosion will occur due to the change of the chemical and electrochemical state of the internal solution. The appearance of tunnel axial fan also needs good protection. Surface treatment generally has flange, galvanized, chrome plating, chemical plating and so on.

      Each component is more important, today we will simply understand how to install the tunnel axial fan shell.

First of all, it should be noted that the drainage hole should be installed at the lower part of the tunnel axial fan shell, and the drainage hole should be opened after the cover plate is installed. The shell of the tunnel axial fan is made of riveted transcribed steel plates with thickness greater than or equal to 6 mm. The remaining reinforcement parts are stopped and the expansion is connected with a flange. The shell of tunnel axial fan, fan installation hanger and other steel components should stop hot-dip galvanizing or other equivalent treatment, and the thickness of galvanizing layer should not be less than 65 microns. All steel components, such as fan housing, fan installation hanger, stop hot dip zinc treatment or other equivalent treatment, galvanized layer thickness shall not be less than 65 microns. Other on-site installation and assembly units of axial flow fans in tunnels shall not adopt moving lifting lugs. Its color and installation conditions should be coordinated, and strive for beauty. The whole device shall adopt overvoltage protection, grounding protection and lightning protection methods. The whole fan shall be coated with nominal weight. Below the low temperature condition of above 250 degrees, the paint piece that besmeels the paint can be used below the circumstance of discontinuous work for 10 years, it is forbidden to work below the low temperature condition of above 250 degrees for 1 hour, do not produce fog or release toxic gas.

It is mainly used in construction sites with poor ventilation, generally used in tunnels, railways, DAMS and other applicable occasions, with good ventilation effect. When working with shaanxi axial fan, it can produce large thrust force from the given energy. At the same time, part of the total air flow through the tunnel is inhaled by the fan, and after the impeller works, it is spewed out at a high speed from the exit. According to the impulse drive principle, the high-speed airflow transmits energy into the tunnel and pushes the air in the tunnel forward together. After the velocity decays to a certain value, the next batch of fans continue to run. The purpose of ventilation is to inhale fresh air through the inlet end of the tunnel and discharge polluted air from the outlet end. The inlet end of axial fan in Shaanxi tunnel must be equipped with muffler, and in order to reduce the pollution of environmental noise, it must be equipped with muffler, and its noise should be controlled within 80dB to avoid large noise. Roadway axial fan is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, large air volume ventilation device. The hump area of tunnel axial fan is narrow and the wind pressure is relatively stable, the airflow surge phenomenon is weak and the airflow is stable. The high efficiency zone of the axial flow fan in the tunnel is wide, which can adapt to the change of mine production and keep running at a higher efficiency when the ventilation parameters change. The fan adopts reverse air, the air volume can reach 60%-80% of the normal air volume.

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