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What are the applications of tunnel jet fans?

       Tunnel jet fan is a special axial fan, mainly used in the longitudinal ventilation system of highway, railway, subway and other tunnels, providing full thrust; it can also be used for semi-transverse ventilation systems or sensitive parts of transverse ventilation systems, such as the entrance and exit of tunnels, to induce air flow or smoke exhaust.

      1. Tunnel Jet Fan Introduction Tunnel Jet Fan is a special axial flow fan that opens the entrance and exit. Under these operating conditions, the fan is designed to operate at a more efficient operating point (greater than operating under a certain static pressure). The force of the tunnel jet fan on the air, often called the thrust, is inverse with the force supported by the fan.

      Second, the tunnel jet fan to choose the point:

      1. The control parameters of the tunnel jet fan are: air volume, wind pressure, noise, etc.

      2. Tunnel jet fans are mainly used for longitudinal ventilation systems in parking garages or other sports commercial venues. Fans are generally suspended at the top or on both sides of the room, do not occupy the floor area, and do not require additional air ducts. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, stable operation and simple maintenance.

      Tunnel jet fans are also known as tunnel fans, tunnel ventilators.

      When using a tunnel jet fan, pay attention to, such as whether the control cabinet is running normally after starting, whether there is a problem with the motor, and whether the value on the ammeter is within the normal range. When the tunnel jet fan is used, the ventilation situation should be observed to see if the air volume is a problem and whether it leaks. If the estate is high, it should be discontinued immediately and inspected and maintained before use.

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