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Scope of use of tunnel jet fan

        Urban mass transit system tunnels individually comply with the piston rod wind. The piston rod wind is operated by the train. In order to achieve normal and emergency situations in the tunnel, the tunnel jet fan needs natural ventilation. A natural ventilation system is set up in the underground tunnel to ensure the safety of the tunnel.

Tunnel ventilation system includes two parts: tunnel ventilation system and subway station tunnel ventilation system. Interval tunnel ventilation system: when the train stops in the interval tunnel, the tunnel will be ventilated, resulting in fire and smoke during working hours. Subway tunnel ventilation system: When the train stops at the entrance of the station, it is immediately equipped with air conditioning condenser heat pipe cooling, reducing the risk of the core air conditioning system in the tunnel and subway station, and setting up the main exhaust pipe in case of fire on the track and in the home.

The tunnel fan should take the power motor as the main component. One of its characteristics is that the total output power is large, up to 110KW, and the starting current is large. Personally, in addition to the operation of the mobile phone software, the single tunnel heater also chooses frequency conversion technology to lead to a frugal cost. In short, the tunnel jet fan and the tunnel heater in the operation area run at high frequency, which has the effect of road indoor cooling.

According to the manufacturer of the tunnel fan, the passenger train time is just before 3am, and the next time the wind frequency range tunnel arrives. Under the establishment of fire work, the smoke exhaust system can be properly prepared by the integrated monitoring system. There are two noise sources at the fan juncture in the province, one is the noise caused by the rotation of the machine inlet and the fan shell, the other is the noise caused by the overall vibration. The setting of two points has the following contents: tunnel jet fan.

Press muffler: assuming that the fan inlet or vent is immediately connected with the air, people will be in the air inlet modified GAO effect muffler, can fairly cut off the noise caused by the root cyclone; Shell structure insulation cotton: shell outsourcing a layer of sound insulation layer, by the sound insulation noise reduction rock wool board. If the skin is galvanized steel plate and stainless steel plate; Operation vibration test: the mechanical equipment operation test before the original fan factory brutally implements the BS848pt7 standard, and reduces the overall vibration of the fan to less than 2mm/s, which can fairly reduce the noise caused by the vibration of the fan.

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