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How to install the ventilation pipe of the tunnel fan?

 1.The zipper connects the air duct with the air duct, and the air duct is connected with the steel wire section through the air duct lock (hanging shaft). There is an amplification cable and a three-meter-long circular coil on the air duct, which erect the air duct and reduces the airflow resistance.

2.The steel wire segment is fixed on the tunnel vault or side wall with tensile screws. The tensile screws of the tunnel segment are selected. The anchoring length is not less than 7cm, and the spacing is 3.0m, so as to prevent the transverse tunnel at the air duct connection.

3.The air duct height should not interfere with the horizontal monitoring of the measuring line, and ensure that there is enough clearance height in the tunnel to prevent passing vehicles and machinery from damaging the air duct and damaging the design.

4.The outlet of the air duct must keep a certain distance from the working face. For large section, large air volume and large air channel, it must be checked within 20-30m.

5.As for forced ventilation, the main fan should be installed on the support at a certain height every 10 meters in principle, and objects should not gather within 5 meters before and after the tunnel jet fan. Iron grille and device should be set up at the inlet of the tunnel jet fan. Error must be able to actively shut down the fan.

6.When the air duct is connected with the two feeding trolleys, it shall not pass through the trolley platform, but directly through the beam platform of the two feeding trolleys, and do a good job of protection to prevent the damage of the air duct.

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