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Selection method of FRP fan?

      Glass fiber reinforced plastic centrifugal fan is now more common fan category, you should pay attention to when choose because there are many manufacturers now in the market to sell, and in the middle has many produce of glass fiber reinforced plastic fan there is a problem on the quality, we should pay attention to when choosing lest buy inferior quality products better, here small make up to introduce products for you choose.


      FRP fan in the selection of more formal manufacturers, so that you can ensure that the product you buy will not show problems in quality, and the price will be cheaper. Pick out the more formal pin on when choose the hong merchants, when choosing enables you to compare the mood stability, and after glass fiber reinforced plastic fan out problem can get a good after-sales service, should keep in mind when selecting would rather spend a little money, also make sure you don't buy inferior quality of the glass fiber reinforced plastic fan, this will allow you to use in the future when spend more money.

      FRP fan has high efficiency, low noise, low energy consumption, anti-corrosion and durable, convenient maintenance, and excellent high temperature resistance. It can be driven by variable speed or multi-speed according to the different requirements of civil buildings, so as to achieve the purpose of one machine and two uses (that is, common ventilation and high temperature smoke exhaust when fire fighting).

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