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Corrosion protection of centrifugal fans

 The leaves of centrifugal fans are often damaged during use. How to improve the damage of centrifugal fans? The following are the anti-wear precautions introduced by the manufacturer

1. foliar surface treatment: carbon immersion, low temperature plasma welding welding, carbide tool spraying, ceramic sheet bonding. In this way, the surface strength of the blade can be gradually increased, which in turn can improve the wear resistance of the blade. However, there are certain difficulties in various processing methods, and due to the difficulty of actual operation and high price, the probability of completion of the knife head solution is reduced.

2. surface spray wear resistance plating: this method is relatively highly recommended. Easy to use, low cost, but the coating is damaged quickly. The abrasion resistance of the scraped surface must be 3-5 months for the coating. 3. Centrifugal fan manufacturers improve the aircraft wing structure: according to the improvement of the blade structure, it can be produced into a zigzag shape, hollow feathers as solid core leaves, reduce the wear resistance block of welding and welding feathers, etc.

4.the front grinding leaf grid: in the weakest place to set the anti-damage leaf grid, you can avoid particles flow to the rear tire and leaf roots, so that the centralized damage of the particles into symmetrical damage, improve the wear resistance of the centrifugal impeller, increase the service life.

5. Centrifugal fan manufacturers use high-efficiency dust collection devices. Soot in the working environment of centrifugal enthusiasts also increases the damage of enthusiasts. It is proposed to use dust removal equipment to purify the office environment of the fan and reduce the damage of the centrifugal fan.

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