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3C fume exhaust fan installation, maintenance and use

 1. Before installation, carefully check whether the fan blades and chassis are deformed due to transportation, check whether the bolts are tightened, and be responsible for repairing before use.

2. The smoke extract and the smoke extractor should be provided with an interlocking device. When any one of the exhaust ports is opened, the exhaust air can be activated automatically.

3. Before starting the fan, first check the fan and ducts for any items that hinder rotation.

4. After installation, regularly check the fan components to ensure that the fan can be started at any time and operate normally.

5. The direction of rotation of the impeller must be consistent with the arrow mark on the indenter.

6. Smooth installation: When installing the fan, pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan and adjust it to a level that is stable with the base plane. After installation, the motor must not be tilted.

7. When installing the fan, the adjustment bolt of the motor should be located in a position that is easy to operate to adjust the elasticity of the belt.

8. When installing the fan bracket, make sure that the bracket and the foundation plane are level and stable. If necessary, install a corner iron next to the fan for reinforcement.

9. After installing the 3C fume exhaust fan, check the sealing around it. If there is a void, it can be sealed with a sun plate or glass glue. The function of the 3C fume exhaust fan is: when a fire occurs in the basement, a large amount of smoke is generated, and the fume exhaust fan is activated to eliminate the smoke in the fire area. When a high-rise fire breaks out, it usually spreads quickly and is difficult to extinguish. After a fire, the consciousness of the residents usually runs upstairs, and smoke rises from the upper floor. Fire is difficult to spread to roofs and produce carbon monoxide. In order not to be poisoned by carbon monoxide, it is necessary to install a range hood to exhaust the smoke.

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