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Maintenance skills of centrifugal fans

 1. Cleaning and maintenance of the shell: When repairing the centrifugal fan, it is necessary to carefully observe the shell of the centrifugal fan, whether there is air leakage, and also clean the dust of the shell of the centrifugal fan to prevent dust from entering the bearing and causing damage to the bearing.

2. If there is a lining plate in the casing of the centrifugal fan, the lining plate inside has been worn, then it is necessary to repair welding or replace the worn lining plate.

3. Check the spindle of the centrifugal fan for bending and bearing wear. If the bending is relatively small, it should be repaired and straightened on the spot, and if the bending degree is too large, it should be replaced with a new one.

4. Check the lubrication effect of the centrifugal fan. If the lubrication is not good enough, the speed of the centrifugal fan will be reduced. When many fans are used, they must be well repaired, so as to make their use of centrifugal fans more efficient. Therefore, the use of centrifugal fans also depends on daily maintenance to make it. To lengthen the service life of the fan is not to rely on large-scale repair, but to rely on repair and maintenance.

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