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Inspection work of centrifugal fans

        Today many industries are centrifugal fan used in natural ventilation, dust and refrigeration work, and in the work time is also a long time, so everyone in order to prevent the machine produce common failures in the application process, you must be on machinery and equipment to carry out a series of inspection, to ensure that the equipment is not easy to generate problems in the application process, In the normal work of harming everyone, what inspection work must we carry out on the centrifugal fan?

       Daily routine check centrifugal fan:

      (1) Check whether the centrifugal fan is abnormal in operation, such as vibration level, according to the touch cover shell;

      (2) Check whether the centrifugal fan with drive belt is in normal operation and whether the leather is cracked and relaxed;

      (3) Check the muffler and conductive soft connection are intact;

      (4) Identification of identifiable damage and anomalies.

       Weekly routine inspection of centrifugal fan:

      (1) Check the noise and temperature of the motor;

      (2) Check whether the centrifugal impeller of the centrifugal fan is standard;

      (3) Check the noise and temperature of rolling bearings;

      (4) Check the monitoring system, temperature and vibration equipment for abnormal areas.

        Above is for the check of the centrifugal fan, in the case of we are to carry out the operation if discover the abnormal condition, machinery and equipment shall immediately report to the department clerk, or work, then to carry out the inspection work, make the relative solution, if the conditions must be turned off should be on standby to prepare ahead of time, we in the usual application, To carry out the inspection of the machine and equipment on time, so as to ensure that the machine and equipment are not prone to common failures, resulting in the normal operation of the centrifugal fan.


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