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The regulation principle of axial fans

 Today we will tell you about the regulation principle of axial fan.

The axial blades adjust the fan, and the fan uses the change in the installation angle of the blade to determine the performance curve of the fan. Performance curves and other blade mounting angles and duct performance curves allow you to derive a range of operating points. If flow and pressure heads are required, simply adjust the vane mounting angle. Blade mounting angles, blade adjustment of axial fans, and efficiently regulated and regulated fans can work in efficient areas. Axial fans controlled by copper blades also avoid falling into unstable conditional areas with small flow rates.

The adjustment of the axial supply air motorized blade makes the fan structure complex, the adjustment unit requirements are high, and the manufacturing accuracy is high. The change of impeller mounting angle is carried out by means of an impeller adjustment structure, including hydraulic adjustment devices and transmissions. The piston inside the cylinder is placed axially by the shoulder of the bushing and piston shaft, and the hydraulic cylinder can move left and right from the piston, but the piston cannot generate axial movement.

In addition, to prevent the hydraulic cylinder from leaking through the gap between the piston and the hydraulic cylinder when moving to the left and right, two grooved seals are listed on the piston. When the impeller rotates, the hydraulic cylinder rotates simultaneously with the impeller, and the piston also performs rotational motion due to the rotation of the shroud and piston shaft. Even if the fan operates under certain conditions, the piston does not move in the opposite direction to the hydrostatic cylinder. The other end of the piston shaft is equipped with a control shaft, and the control shaft is static when the impeller rotates, but when the hydraulic cylinder moves left and right, the control shaft moves with it. The prime part control is stationary, not rotary motion.


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