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Installation and construction method of components of tunnel fan.

      SDF tunnel fan engineering construction methods and technical measures, understand the diffuser to arrive at the fan, muffler to arrive at the industrial base engineering construction control box part to determine the inspection, solve the inspection of the switch power terminal equipment to determine the construction technology in advance preparation diagram.

      1. The cooling fan is solved, because the machinery and equipment and steel frame structure are large and the net weight is heavy, and the transportation adopts an 8-ton long car, and the loading and unloading handle adopts a 12-ton crane. In the tunnel construction, according to the specific conditions of tunnel construction, special tools such as reverse chains, bucket lifting machines, and vibratory rollers can be used to carry out transportation.

      2. Axial fan installation, civil basic construction sequence is: precise positioning, construction lofting, excavation of foundation pits, paving foundation cushion, support point formwork and bundle rod, poured concrete, bending surface, dismantling formwork, backfill soil, elevation line and center line.

      The installation method of SDF tunnel fan is as follows, and the electric damper is installed: the fan room adopts reverse chain, electric drive, and inverted lifting. External diffusion cylinder, duct installation: the external diffusion cylinder, ventilation duct using electric transmission system or guide chain lifting, support frame support frame made on the spot, anchor bolt M10 * 25 connection, fusion surface with 4mm thick vulcanized rubber strip sealing. Conductive soft connection, reaming drilling, safety net installation: Conductive soft connection is based on the flange pan foot bolt (M10 * 25) to connect the external diffuser and the fan to each other. The safety net is connected to the fan inlet adjustment door.

      Tunnel fan installation: Engineering acceptance according to the gasket machinery and equipment in place, the first flat primary grouting secondary grouting, the gasket specifications and installation sites in line with the requirements.

      According to its raw materials, there are the following classifications, tunnel fans according to the commonly used raw materials can be divided into shell fans (general fans), FRP anti-corrosion fans, plastic fans, aluminum fans, stainless steel plate fans and other categories. According to the cyclonic orientation, the fan can be divided into centrifugal fan, axial fan, oblique flow type (mixed teaching) and scattered flow type. Centrifugal fan. The cyclone enters the fan centrifugal impeller radially, keying along the axial fluidity. This type of fan is manufactured according to the basic principle of centrifugal action. Products include centrifugal fans, centrifugal fans and multi-stage centrifugal fans. Axial fans. The cyclone enters radially into the centrifugal impeller of the cooling fan and approximates the fluidity along the upper axis of the circle. These fans include axial fans, axial fans and axial refrigeration compressors.

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