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The use of jet fans.

      Tunnel jet fans are: one-way jet fans, two-way jet fans. Bi-directional jet fans are available in both electronic and mechanical versions. Positive rotation can be switched to the fan speed for an additional speed within 30 seconds. For occasions with high noise requirements, the muffler can be added to reduce its noise.

      Product features: The shell is spun and flanged by the special machine tool imported from the United States, and the inner wall of the impeller segment is finished, which is corrosion resistant, reliable and economical, and can also increase the muffler to reduce its noise. Direct drive, low protection effort.

      The use and operating principle of the jet fan: SDS series jet fan is widely used in the operation ventilation system of the highway and railway tunnels, generally in the tunnel every other distance, hanging several fans on the top or both sides, when the fan operates, part of the total air flow through the tunnel is sucked in by the fan, after the impeller work produces a higher thrust, it is sprayed at high speed by the fan outlet, so the high-speed air flow will transmit energy to the air in the tunnel to promote the air in the tunnel to move forward together, when passing through a distance, When the wind speed drops to a certain value, the next set of fans continues to operate, thus completing the ventilation intention of inhaling fresh air from the inlet end of the tunnel and discharging polluted air from the outlet end.

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