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Maintenance of axial fans

According to the application of environmental conditions not punctual compensation or replacement of grease for bearings (motor closed bearings do not have to replace grease during the life of the application period), in order to ensure excellent lubrication of the fan in the operation process, the number of refueling times is not less than 1000 hours / time to close the bearings and motor bearings, refueling with zl-3 lithium-based grease to fill 1/3 of the inner and outer rings of the bearing; Oil shortage operations are prohibited.

The fan should be stored in a monotonous environment to prevent the motor from moisture. When the fan is stored in the open air, there should be a protective method. In the process of storage and handling, the fan should be prevented from bumping and the fan should be damaged.


The operating environment should always be kept normal, the surface of the fan should be clean, the import and export should be pollution-free, and the impurities such as dust in the fan and pipes should be removed in time. The fan is completely normal and works. At the same time, it must be ensured that the power supply capacity is sufficient, the voltage is stable, and it is strictly forbidden to operate.

During the operation of the fan, it must be dedicated to the power cord, and it is not far from the temporary power cord, and it is found that the fan has abnormal noise, the engine temperature is high, the shell is charged, the switch is tripped, and it cannot be started. The fan should be stopped immediately for inspection. In order to ensure safety, repairs are not allowed during the operation of the fan. After the overhaul, a test operation of approximately 5 minutes should be performed. Confirm that there are no abnormalities and restart the operation


The maintenance of the axle hoist is still very important, if we want to extend the use of the axle hoist, then we have to talk about it relatively, our cost will be reduced, so that we can get more economic benefits.

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