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Just know the air volume and pressure of the fan these two parameters, you can determine the model of a fan, so as to check other parameters

         Every salesperson must know how to choose the right fan from known parameters. Shaanxi fan tip: under normal circumstances, the customer will open a fan air volume Qm3/h(CMH) and pressure P (Pa), from the performance curve table on the company's catalog, we can choose a better model, the intersection of the parameter as far as possible in the high efficiency area of the performance curve.

          From the selected model performance curve table, from the corresponding curve, we can know the fan shaft power N, in the selection of motor we need to use it; In addition, you can also check the dynamic pressure Pa, noise dB(A), speed N, wind speed V and other parameters of the fan.
Just know the air volume and pressure of the fan these two parameters, you can determine the model of a fan, so as to check other parameters. The required fan model can also be selected from the fan selection software.

        1. In the case of known air volume and pressure, it is also necessary to understand the working environment (such as ordinary, high temperature, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, etc.), air medium, purpose and atmospheric pressure (altitude). , to judge what kind of fan to choose (bearing form, material is different).

        2, under normal circumstances, the air supply chooses double suction fan, and the exhaust chooses single suction fan (in addition, it also depends on whether the air inlet is connected with the pipe, if the pipe is not connected with the double air inlet, the pipe is connected with a single air inlet), the box fan can be used for exhaust or air supply.

        3, know the use place and then choose to use forward or backward tilt fan according to the proportion of pressure and air volume.

        4, the current market selection of belt drive fan is in the majority, its advantages are: strong adjustability, in the system design deviation can be adjusted by adjusting the speed to achieve the purpose of actual use, the disadvantage is: the price is higher than the direct link type, and the space is relatively large. Direct connected fan has the advantages of simple use and small space, but the disadvantage is that the working range is small and cannot be adjusted.

       5, product catalog performance curve table, so that the intersection of air volume and pressure as far as possible in the high efficiency area (that is, the exit wind speed is generally between 10 ~ 12m/s), confirm a. Nice model. From the model's performance table, we can check the fan's shaft power, dynamic pressure, noise, speed, wind speed and other parameters.

       Sometimes for economic reasons, we also choose ratio. The best efficiency of a small fan, because the fan only need to increase a little motor power can be used, and have an advantage in volume and price. However, it is recommended that the wind speed should not exceed 15M/S, otherwise the fan is prone to unstable working state, such as vibration and noise.

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