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The reason why tunnel fans need frequency converters.

      In each support point component of the tunnel fan, there is a frequency converter. Although it cannot be said that it is a part that tunnel fans cannot lack, it plays a very effective role in tunnel fans. Why do you say that? Let's see the importance of installing it.

      Tunnel fan starting current can be reduced: when the inverter is applied, the frequency and operating voltage will be relatively increased with the acceleration of the motor, and the starting current of the centrifugal fan will be limited to less than 150% of the rated current. When starting immediately with a DC switching power supply, the starting current is 6 to 7 times, which will cause the impact of mechanical equipment and electrical equipment. This type of starting method greatly reduces the harm of excessive starting current to the power grid, and enables the upconverter to obtain an extended service life of AC regulators and switchgear.

      Analysis of variable speed characteristics and centrifugal fan environmental protection and energy saving: The frequency converter controls the exhaust air volume according to the variable speed, improves the efficiency of the motor, and saves electromagnetic energy.

      Can complete the remote operation of the tunnel fan: it is composed of the "data chain" of the intermediate monitoring center and the data transmission system software, the call response system software, the supervision and the real-time alarm system. Center console management center mobile phone memory card "data link" and data transmission system software to send back the terminal equipment actual operation data information. The staff monitors the operation of each terminal equipment of the system in real time, so as to achieve the purpose of real-time monitoring of the system, synchronous control, and real-time early warning information.

     Therefore, for tunnel fans, the installation of the frequency converter is not easy to endanger all its normal operation, but if the upconverter is installed, it can reduce the common failures of machinery and equipment, increase its service life, and supervise its safe operation anytime and anywhere. If there is a risk, it can be timely feedback to the staff for treatment. Therefore, it is proposed that the customer choose a paired tunnel fan to add a frequency converter to the part.

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