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Axial fans reduce efficiency analysis and handling

There are many common failures of axial fans, because axial fans have been in a high-load working environment, so there are many failures that may occur. Rotor failure, which is a relatively common fault in the fan, the specific fault includes rotor bending, running vibration, or problems with the connection between the rotor and the impeller, etc., resulting in the rotor shaft idling, impeller and rotor slippage phenomenon. Blade failure, the blade has been greatly affected by the long-term work, so it is easy to coarse cracks and fracture accidents, and this failure is also difficult to check, because the axial fan is always in a high-speed operation state, so it is impossible to use what way to predict the failure of the impeller.


Therefore, impeller fracture is the most common production accident in the price of axial fans, and the damage of the fan bearings will lead to the stator shell holding the rotor, which will have a huge impact on the fixation of the stator shell, resulting in the overall shedding of the axial fan. When the circuit circuit is too large, the copper wire in the line produces a thermal effect to burn out the stator or rotor, causing huge damage to the motor, and the lack of grease leads to dry grinding of the components in the fan, and finally the bearings, rotors, etc. are locked to death. Therefore, in daily maintenance, we should pay attention to increasing the grease.

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