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the axial flow fan stalls

 Under the necessary conditions of the work task of the axial fan, the pitch angle (that is, the difference between the general direction of the air inlet and the W-limit speed and the multi-angle of the plate components) is about zero, the free fall speed is low, and when the air flow rate is greatly reduced, the W-vector angle is changed and the pitch angle is added. If the pitch angle increases, the efficiency of automatic winding decreases and other undesirable conditions occur to certain exponential values, the frictional resistance of the post-eddy current effect zone increases, the efficiency of automatic winding decreases and other undesirable conditions occur, CH Razor Uda, to put it bluntly, the non-current state is strong, and the air resistance (pressure) decreases rapidly; If the pitch angle increases again, the efficiency of automatic winding is reduced and other undesirable conditions occur, the pH increases again, the efficiency of automatic winding decreases and other undesirable conditions occur, i transcranial Doppler shows that the information echo is more seriously terminated, and even what is blocked by the SMS channel.


The characteristics of the axial flow fan between the blades depend on the characteristics of the fan blades and the characteristics of the system, such as the friction resistance of the SMS channel. 2. The blade characteristic curve of the axial fan is shown. Starting with seal M, the bait point connected to the various mounting devices is located on the left side of the SELA curve. The necessary conditions for the work task are unstable. This line is also known as the white tooth edge. And: (1) when the blades are multi-angled, the greater the pipe strength, the greater the exhaust pressure of the fan, and the closer the fan moves to the unstable working area; (2) The greater the deformation of the fan, the closer the distance between the fan and the fan blade. The working point of a Fika fan in an unstable operating condition.


When the axial fan is running in parallel, the following phenomena occur: (1) the indenter, flow and current of the fan are greatly reduced; (2) The occurrence of undesirable situations such as a significant increase in fan noise and a decrease in the efficiency of automatic winding; The flow rate of C is significantly increased, and the efficiency of automatic winding is reduced. The fan runs automatically, and another fan runs in parallel with the fan. The Nd and current pressures are greatly reduced, and there is no fluctuation after the fan interval.


Ventilation parking is an unstable operating state that has a negative impact on the safety of fan operation. When the fan stops, the air volume and pressure drop sharply, resulting in drastic changes in the combustion chamber structure, and the other parallel ventilation is in "automatic" operation mode, and its output increases, which can easily lead to fire extinguishing and engine overload; (3) The rationing of S-VIB high fans has increased significantly. This will seriously damage ventilation equipment and wire vibrations; (4) If the processing process is wrong, it is easy to cause damage to the fan spike and equipment.

The real reason for the B-type fan is that the fan output resistance is high, the active chip opening is large, and the working state of the fan is unstable. The basic measure to solve the problem of B-type fan is to use D-type fan and deionization to remove ash in the process of fan heat exhaust. Remove the burner from the preheater to reduce the resistance of the air preheater. When the interval occurs, the moving electromagnetic beam of the fan must be quickly shut down, because the air conditioner of the fan will return to the stable working area as soon as possible.

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