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How to control the forward and reverse of the two-way jet fan?

      In the case of a two-way tunnel with reverse and anti-war control, the blower explains the depth of entry, and the construction is generally above 50mm. The concrete is dense, the surface is smooth, and the concrete strength is consistent with the description. When the ventilation fan of a bi-directional jet fan is fixed, two locking holes are required.

      The second basic makeup uses soybean and sandstone concrete, without cement mortar holes. The operation management has its own management system. Installation, use, maintenance, and maintenance after failure shall be carried out in accordance with the procedures of this management system. The tunnel ventilator management system is mainly composed of three parts: setting management, original site management and maintenance. In the process of using gas, these three aspects can save a lot of trouble.

      (1) In order to maintain management and effective operation of the ventilation system for two-way jet fans, system management must be strengthened. Especially for the management of transport pipes and regular inspection, repair, adjustment, repair, repair and daily repair, the construction and setting of wind power stations.

      (2) The setting management of two-way jet fans reduces the probability of air leakage and ventilation resistance by 100 meters, and sets the kettle within a certain distance. Release livestock liquid, regularly check the tunnel blower system, strengthen maintenance, timely find leaks and carry out maintenance, what are the aspects of the operation and management of tunnel fans? Please add a water leakage device to the connection part of the cylinder, and do not turn the connection part of the 2 cylinder upside down.

      The bi-directional jet fan minimizes the interface, and the 100 m air leakage rate due to air leakage is reduced to 1.1.6%. The inside must be used. The interface between the tunnel's blower and the vent is tightly connected. Prevents air leakage from high-pressure components. Please prepare a spare fan to prevent failure and replace it in a short time.

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