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What affects the price of axial fans?

 First, this article details the necessary conditions for the operation of axial fans. To put it simply, the key technology of the axial fan is the same as that of the ordinary class family axial fan, and the axial flow fan whose laboratory gas flows along the rotating axis is the axial flow fan, and the essential difference between it and the family axial fan is the wind pressure difference of the axial fan. The operating state of the axial fan is generally less than 490imn.


1. Axial fan composition and structure: Axial fans consist primarily of collectors, wheel drives, demonstrations, backings, diffusers and motors. It consists of six parts. I will not go into detail about the structure of the product, because these components must have their role and purpose.


2. Axial fan material: Different working conditions will inevitably choose different materials, materials and different product costs, which is easy to explain. Today, Kyushu Puhui Xiaobian first discusses the type of carbon steel. When using carbon steel, the primary components of the axial fan are: the gas collector, impeller, demonstration, support, diffusion SOR and the five primary components. There are two types of these five components, one is integrated and the other is split. Integrated material costs are low, but processing is complex. The cost of split products is higher than that of split processing; Due to the increase in material at the joint, the cost of the split is higher, but the processing difficulty is less, so the processing cost does not reach the same type. The total cost varies little in terms of whether it is a type or a subtype, because the assembly cost of a subtype is slightly higher than the assembly cost of a type. As a result, there is essentially no significant difference between the structure and production costs. Another problem is the choice of the quality of carbon steel, the most important materials, secondary materials, cold plates, hot plates, different materials, and prices fluctuate up and down.


Second,Two. Motors used according to the necessary conditions of operation:

1. The necessary conditions for the current axial fan are generally divided into: the general air circulation ventilation of ordinary diesel engines; Ultra-high temperature resistant diesel engine; Wet-running, moisture-proof diesel engines; The vast majority of these types are flammable and explosion-proof.

2. The primary component of the axial fan, the cutter head:

3. There are many large-scale enterprises in the production and manufacture of axial fans, and their key technology is the wind blade, also known as the moving leaf, which plays a decisive role in the structure of the axial fan. The size of the fan, the curvature of the twist, the thickness of the plate, the size of the hub. The R range of the axial fan affects the size of the air volume, the speed affects the wind pressure difference of the axial fan, the higher the accuracy of the components of the axial fan, the smaller the data flow loss rate, and the higher the work efficiency.


Third, Combined with the above three explanations, this configuration affects the cost of the axial fan and the material of the shell; The impeller and engine power affect the sales price of axial fans. We have a clear understanding of the manufacturer's production capacity and processing capacity, as well as the intensity of design and inspection. However, we can not only consider the price of axial fans, even if the same product, different manufacturers, processing technology and test procedures are different, the cost will be relatively different, the use of industrial products sales effect, rather than price, the demand is much larger. More important than the price. This affects your needs to affect the price of the product!

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