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Reasons and solutions of unsteady wind speed of centrifugal fan

          The centrifugal fan will cause unstable wind speed for many reasons in the process of use. What if you encounter unstable wind speed in the process of using the equipment? Today xiaobian will introduce the causes and solutions of the unstable wind speed, hoping to help you solve the problem.   

           First, the reasons for unstable wind speed

     1, thyristor abnormality:

     Once the SCR occurs open circuit, breakdown short circuit or poor quality, will directly affect the wind speed of the fan.

     2, adjustable resistance fault: adjustable resistance after a long time of use will appear bad contact, this situation will also affect the speed of the equipment;

     3, toner and carbon brush problem:

      The presence of a large amount of toner between the motor rotor and commutator, or the poor quality of the carbon brush itself, will also lead to the phenomenon of unstable wind speed.

       4, diode anomaly:

       Any abnormal condition in any of the four rectifier diodes of the fan will affect the overall device, so that the overall device can not work normally, resulting in unstable wind speed.

Two, the wind speed is unstable solution

      Combined with the reasons introduced above, we can find that the main reason for the unstable wind speed of the fan is basically related to the parts. Therefore, in the process of use, if the wind speed is found to be unstable, we can know the general direction of solution:

      1, measurement of adjustable resistance:

The adjustable resistance is measured in detail, after measurement, resistance value can be adjusted according to the change of the law, so it can show that the potentiometer is normal, on the contrary, it shows that the potentiometer is abnormal, the need to repair the potentiometer or replace a new potentiometer.

     2, measurement of silicon controlled:

     According to the SCR obtained by the detection, you can know whether it is normal, if abnormal, it needs to be repaired or replaced in time.

      3, check the diode:

      Diode at the time of inspection, need to understand that it belongs to large power of sealing tube, the end to use the screws on the circuit board, and then the other side to circuit boards welding with lines, when its removed from the circuit board, can find its cathode is evident in the loose phenomenon, can be measured while swing to determine diode is good or damaged, Damaged diodes need to be replaced.

      4. Clean up the toner:

       If a large amount of toner is found, it is necessary to clean up the toner in time.

        5. Replace the carbon brush with good quality:

If the carbon brush is worn or the quality of the carbon brush is not good, replace it with a high-quality one with qualified specifications.

         No matter which part is faulty, after maintenance or replacement, trial operation and debugging should be carried out to confirm that there is no abnormality before it can be put into use.

         Above is the cause of the centrifugal fan wind speed instability and solutions, through the introduction of the above, we can be roughly know roughly the fan speed instability reason mainly thyristor is not normal, adjustable resistance has fault, abnormal accumulation of carbon powder, carbon brush wear, diode, etc., so we also can according to these reasons enough to develop a reasonable solution, Such as measuring adjustable resistance, thyristor and diode, cleaning toner, replace a good carbon brush, etc. For some more complex technical problems, need to be dealt with by professional technical personnel.

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