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How can anti-corrosion FRP fans have anti-static effects?

      First of all, we must understand why we want to be anti static, what is the anti static effect, and what effect can be achieved?

      As we all know, static electricity is generated by high-speed friction. Once static electricity is generated, there will be a spark visible to the naked eye. If used in flammable and explosive gases, it will have a violent explosive nature. So how to eliminate this static electricity in the FRP fan?

     Metal fans do not have anti-static sayings, because steel itself has conductive properties, we only need to extract carbon elements from the metal, add to the raw materials for making anti-corrosion FRP fans, stir evenly and then paint. After the entire landline is formed, it can be tested whether the surface resistance in all directions meets the standard, and then it can be used normally.

      The anti-corrosion FRP fan support frame as a whole is made of metal material, and when static electricity is generated inside the shell, static electricity is conducted from the inside of the shell to the outside. Through the metal support frame and grounding wire, static electricity is introduced into the ground and released, thereby avoiding the generation of static electricity, and the anti-static effect promoted can also be called "explosion-proof" effect.

      Due to changes in the industry, all walks of life are constantly developing and designing new products, and FRP fans are also constantly improving. But some friends will ask whether frame paint also has a static effect, which also requires attention to technological changes in the market.

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