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How to adjust the clearance of FRP fan?

      FRP blower refers to a fan made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. Its appearance and size in addition to the shell and impeller is FRP, and steel fan exactly the same, its characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, is in recent years anti-corrosion fan of a kind, the demand for fans is rapidly increasing, technical requirements are also slowly improving.

      The following is an analysis of the adjustment method of the gap of the FRP fan. There are three main gaps in the FRP fan: One is the gap between the blades, which is mainly controlled by the synchronous gear and the blade bearing; The second is the gap between the blade and the box; The third is the gap between the blade and the side plate.

      Two and three are adjusting the gap between the liner and the side plate in the FRP fan housing. Most of the said vane collisions are caused by a widening of the bearing clearance. If the synchronous gear cannot be replaced, it is recommended to use a higher quality bearing. If it is not imported, at least use high-speed bearings for tile shafts or roller shafts. Gear wear can be judged based on gear snap clearance. If the gear wears beyond the limit, two synchronous gears can be flipped, doubling the service life of the gears.

      When adjusting the gap between the two blades of the FRP fan, be sure to measure more than 4 points along the blade length with a gap gauge to ensure that the gap is uniform and consistent throughout the length.

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