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Quick cleaning of 3C fume exhaust fan

The 3C fume exhaust fan is a machine that can quickly discharge odors, high temperatures and fume gases generated during the processing of kitchen food. The machine has the characteristics of good high temperature resistance and high efficiency. Various cooking, frying, cooking, frying, baking and other equipment in the kitchen continuously produce various high temperature, humidity and polluting gases during food processing. In a way, the kitchen is not suitable for continued work.


Therefore, it is necessary to use a fan to discharge polluting gases out of the kitchen through the exhaust pipe. However, if the 3C exhaust fan is used for a long time, there will be some failures, but how should we clean it? First, cut off all power to the 3C fume extractor fan to ensure that there are no circuit hazards during the cleaning process. Secondly, follow the opposite idea of the steps in the installation instructions, and disassemble the expansion screws used to fix the four corners of the cigarette machine.


Then, the hood of the cigarette machine is easily removed and the entire machine is removed. Then use diluted water to clean the fumes, but the effect of hot water decontamination is relatively good.  everyone wipe the surface of the exhaust fan with a clean towel immediately after cleaning up the oil to prevent water droplets from entering the smoke machine and damaging other components. A good helper in the kitchen is inseparable from the smoke exhaust fan, and from now on, many families will be able to start the model of the smoke-free era. The cleaning of the 3C fume exhaust fan is introduced.

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