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The main parameters of the fan are provided, and the friends in need are collected quickly!

        1. Air volume:

The volume flow of gas transported by the fan per unit time is called the air volume or flow, usually

Refers to the amount of gas transported under operating conditions. (Unit: m3/h, m3/min, m3/s).

2. Wind pressure:

The wind pressure of the fan refers to the total pressure, which is the sum of dynamic pressure and static pressure. (Unit: Pa);

Dynamic pressure: the pressure represented by the kinetic energy of the gas on the outlet section of the fan is called dynamic pressure;

Static pressure: the vertical force applied to the unit area of the fan.

3. Power:

The work done by the fan to the air per unit time. (Unit: kW, W)

4. Efficiency:

Ratio of the fan output power to the fan input power.

5, speed:

The number of fan revolutions per minute. (Unit: r/min)

6. Ratio of revolution:

The specific revolution is a characteristic parameter of the fan, indicating that the fan is in. The relationship between air volume, air pressure and speed at high efficiency point. Than the number of large fan, large flow, low wind; Compared with the speed of small fan, small flow, high wind pressure.

Direction of rotation fan can be made into right or left rotation two types. At one end of the motor, the impeller rotates in the direction of the time needle and is called the dextral fan, represented by "right"; On the contrary, said the left cyclone machine, to "left".

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