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Centrifugal fans for flour mills

      The removal of bran, bran flakes and bran stars from materials such as slag, core and coarse flour in flour processing is an important process in the processing of high quality grade flour. The centrifugal ventilator relies on the input mechanical energy to be transformed into gas energy to transport the bran and other impurities in the material to the next process and has a great influence on the effectiveness of the pneumatic conveying.


      The batch of fans will be used in the daily processing of 3,600 tons of wheat flour production line, the fan purchase quantity is large, high requirements. l Shandong Hanqi fan as a well-known enterprise of fan equipment manufacturing, the cooperation project in the research and development design, manufacturing technology, performance parameters and other aspects of in-depth research, quality inspection department for the whole machine manufacturing process of quality control. The functional departments fully support the project to ensure the completion of the task on time and in quality and quantity, to achieve the technical indicators of the user, to create a good reputation in the industry.

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