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What is axial flow fan and centrifugal fan, what is the difference?

         In different high temperatures, the temperature of high temperature axial flow fan is not very high. Compared with the centrifugal fan at thousands of degrees, its temperature can only be negligible, the highest temperature is only 200 degrees Celsius. However, this is a great improvement over ordinary axial flow fans and can be applied in some special cases. For example, micro fan boiler air supply, low pressure high temperature gas transmission.

        Different structure, high temperature centrifugal fan is a centrifugal fan. Its motor is external, there are a variety of transmission modes, such as direct connection, V belt transmission, coupling transmission and so on. It has a special water cooling device, and high temperature axial flow fan is not complex, only suitable for direct motor connection or belt drive, no water cooling device. Adopt explosion-proof high temperature axial flow fan to ensure safe use.

      Different materials, high temperature centrifugal fans are generally made of all kinds of heat resistant alloy steel, stainless steel and a small amount of low temperature manganese steel or carbon steel, while high temperature axial flow fans are only made of carbon steel, and a small number of fans need anticorrosive

       Different motors. Centrifugal fans are usually used for high temperature energy-saving series of ordinary motors, explosion-proof motors, and explosion-proof requirements of the general protection class IP54 and IP55; The power of multiple motors also includes several hundred kilowatts. Axial flow fan is fan motor, the protection grade is IP65 when the axial flow temperature is very high, it can work in high temperature at the same time, and there is water and oil. The intermittent medium produced in the operation of the fan is steam or condensed water, which will not be affected and will not affect the life of the motor. Its motor power is small, generally 11 kw or below

       The maintenance workload is different. High temperature centrifugal fans should supply cooling water continuously, check the wear of impeller regularly, and replace lubricating oil and V belt regularly. Large maintenance workload, common high temperature axial flow fan maintenance free.

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