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Introduction to axial fans

 Axial fans are often used in open infrastructure such as factory warehouses and office buildings. The horizontal tail of the axial fan begins to move towards the production fan. Axial fans are suitable for blocking the flow of gases along the way. Axial fans work in parallel with the production fan, suitable for low-pressure certificate area environment. The specific position of the axial fan is likely to cause the slightest deviation in atmospheric pressure. It is made up of a combination of a produced fan and a metal casing of a produced fan. The structural features are relatively concise and straightforward, but the data channel is high.

The abnormal temperature of the axial fan preservation environment is not only the key to the quality of industrial lubricating oil products, but also the special requirements of steel structure construction and production process.

Ensure that the classification between the safe motor shaft and the axial fan stainless steel bearings is scientific and reasonable. The production of fans we want to store in can not be replaced at will can directly adversely affect the normal operation of the production of fans. Stainless steel bearings in less oil sliding friction increases, automatic winding efficiency reduction and other undesirable situations will occur in fact, heat exclusion resulting in but if the data storage can not be replaced arbitrarily too high anyway can also greatly reduce the infinite cycle friction resistance of industrial lubricants, but the motor shaft and radiator fan between each other sliding friction will appear In fact, the heat can also be improved by increasing the mileage of the motor shaft ring connection to improve the final great reduction after selecting the lecturer, Only the production of the fan's full vanadium flow battery will appear vibration amplitude will usually be effectively controlled at 2.5 ~ 100 between the actual effect is better.


Further clarification of the raw materials for the alloy of bearings for axial fans. However, if it meets the requirements of raw material standards, the production of fan stainless steel bearings is very easy to often appear fatigue wear, fouling, holes, wavy lines, etc., under normal circumstances, it can also be caused by and auditory and vibration amplitude of the large accurate measurement.


Stainless steel bearings and motor shafts should generally have the most suitable contact angle and point contact with each other. Stainless steel bearings rely on industrial lubricants that survive 360 degrees of rotation of high-speed waves to educate and guide CNC tool magazines and radiator fans for stainless steel bearings. The motor shaft of an axial fan can be directly dependent on the ambient temperature of the stainless steel bearing. However, if the contact angle is quickly set within the use area of 5560 under normal circumstances, and 2-4 points of contact/cm3 are scratched within the contact area of the use area, the minimum ambient temperature of the rolling friction surface value is very good.


Through quantitative analysis of the low temperature drying ambient temperature of the axial fan, a good and simplest way to completely solve this problem can be found to avoid the abnormal ambient temperature of some operating systems.

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