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Axial fans wear causes and precautions

Axial fan wear will cause the fan to vibrate, shorten the life of the fan, and make the fan unable to work normally when it is serious. In particular, the wear of the fan blade is the most serious, which not only destroys the flow characteristics in the fan, but also easily causes major accidents such as blade fracture and flying car. Therefore, it is necessary to study the wear mechanism of the fan and take corresponding anti-wear measures.

1. Dust wear on the fan

A large amount of microscopic dust in the work of the fan will cause damage to the wind turbine bearings, blades and motors due to long-term accumulation, due to the small particle size and many types of dust, many dusts cannot be effectively eliminated, and damage is easy to form in the vulnerable parts of the fan. At the same time, in order to control the cost, improve the ventilation effect of the fan, and reduce the application of the fan fan dust collector, which will cause strong damage to the fan by dust and increase the risk of fan wear and failure.

2. The operating conditions of the fan are unreasonable

Different positions and different function settings require different fans and different state adjustments to adapt, while the differences in design and actual design, functions and needs form the problem of fan selection, which is very easy to form the problem of fan overload work and fan wear intensification.

3. The fan is running too fast

Running speed is too fast is another important reason for the wear of the fan, according to the data analysis of the wear of the fan, the degree of wear and the speed of the fan operation are related, under high temperature conditions, the speed of the fan is doubled, and the wear of the fan is increased by 3 times.

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