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Why does the high-temperature fan appear noise?

     In the process of everyone applying high-temperature fans, there will be the problem of abnormal noise, what is the reason for this problem? Faced with the noise of high temperature fans, what solutions do we have?

     When the normal operation of high temperature fans, the noise mainly includes four parts, respectively, dynamic noise, rotating gear noise, the noise of the motor itself and its adjustment generation of noise. When the fan is more harmful to the noise belongs to the power of noise. In the process of high temperature fan operation, the noise of its to high intensity noise will be radiated out with the fan's air inlet, exhaust port and the location of the pipe. As the fan exhaust port part of the connection with the gas pipe is closed, so the noise caused by the air inlet is more intense, the impact on the environment is also more prominent.

     1. add sound insulation. The high temperature fan is placed in the fan sound insulation room, according to the function of sound insulation, etc., the fan carries out sound absorption, sound insulation external science, so as to deal with the high temperature fan casing and motor parts of the noise.

     2. Install muffler, built-in muffler chip in the muffler, and then put the muffler into the exhaust position of the fan, and then moderately weaken the noise of the fan.

     3. The louvers are applied with muffled louvers.

     4. High temperature fans are hung with damped spring hanger dampers.

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