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Analysis of the working principle of centrifugal fans, structural characteristics and installation considerations

         First, the working principle of the centrifugal fan:

The air enters the fan through the inlet duct, the impeller rotates to produce air energy, and the gas is output radially along the spiral shell.

Second, the fan structure composition:

The fan includes the casing, impeller, air inlet and other components. According to the structure and use of different can be equipped with spindle, air intake box, transmission department and inlet adjustment door, etc.. The impeller is mounted on the main shaft (or motor shaft) and the housing encloses it and connects it to the inlet and outlet ducts. The inlet regulating door regulates the required air volume. The inlet regulating door is driven by a manual or electric (pneumatic) actuator through a linkage lever.

Third, installation precautions:

Upon arrival the fan should be checked for any damaged or missing parts. Any defects or deviations from the drawings should be reported to the sales company as soon as possible. If any damage occurs during transport, we should be informed immediately so that appropriate remedial action can be taken to protect your rights and interests to the extent possible.

Some mating parts are pre-assembled in the production plant and marked as such before dismantling and packing for transport, other parts should be shipped as a complete set.

Observe and follow all special precautions provided by the technicians during installation: all set-up and alignment dimensions during installation should be recorded in the inspection report.

Fourthly, emphasis:

All flange connections should be sealed with a 3 mm thick packing.

If the flanges are not aligned during installation, they should not be forced into alignment as this will affect the setting effect. Thorough checks should be carried out before using the lengthened hole method, as this will inevitably cause deformation of the components during transport and installation.

It is recommended that aids such as ladders, guardrails and galleries are installed as a priority before installing fan equipment to make movement easy and construction safe.

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