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Preparations before starting the tunnel fan

  Before starting the tunnel fan, it is necessary to confirm whether the radial freedom of the wheel is uniform, whether the position of the wheel is different, and there is no foreign matter outside the channel fan. The tunnel fan works normally. Leaving the working area will increase the DC current and extend the life of the tunnel fan. If the tunnel fan recovers abnormal sound during operation, the pipeline should be stopped immediately if there is a solid test.To confirm whether the winding is correct, it is necessary to start at high speed. After the tunnel fan is started, the power switch is cut off for the winding after preventing high-speed operation. One is power supply, the other is control tunnel fan. The tunnel fan should be checked when starting.
   The total voltage dc is 5-7 times larger than the auxiliary current. Dc reduces the voltage switching point to the voltage square. If the power supply exceeds the specified value, pressure will be applied. Check for voltage distortion by adding direct current. When the speed of the tunnel fan reaches an abnormal speed, check whether the DC fan of the tunnel fan is normal.

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