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What is the relationship between the angle of the fan blade and the airflow of a mining fan?

      The fan blade is a part of the fan that cannot be missing, it has a certain similarity with the fan blade of the common electric fan in our life. The size of the air volume from the fan is related to the fan blade, so what is the relationship between the fan blade and the air volume? The angle of the fan blade of the mining fan is different and the air volume exported is also different, below we will elaborate on what is the relationship between the angle of the fan blade and the air volume of the mining fan?

First, A mining fan performance measurement of the main parameters is a wind blade angle under different working conditions of wind pressure, air volume and power.

Changing the viewpoint of the leading vane can change the speed of the wind flow at the inlet of the ventilator, thus changing the pressure generated by the ventilator.

Second, the realization of mining fan economic operation of several ways.

1. Reduce fan radial clearance

(1) partial replacement of the casing, in order to make the cylinder immediately adjacent to the dynamic leaf does not cause deformation due to bumping and vibration, the shell can be divided into two sections here, processing a 30 mm thick ring, and its galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, with this ring will be linked together two sections of the shell. The transformation cost is small and the deformation of the housing can be prevented.

(2) for those with large radial clearance casing deformation of the fan can be used to increase the length of the air blade to reduce the clearance, progress in the volume efficiency of the fan.

(3) for those oval degree or local super poor mining fan shell can be used to repair the inner wall of the casing. Although the method can not completely solve the deformation to fill the gap evenly, but this method is simple, construction economy, there is a practical value.

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