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How to control a tunnel fan in operation

       There are many different types of tunnel fans, so the fans are not all controlled in the same way, some only need to be switched on to run, but some need to be operated separately. And today Hanzi fan focus on the need to separate the operation of the fan, in the end, how to control the operation of the fan.


  1、Electric control room manipulation level. 


  The ring control equipment meal, maintenance and grasp yuan machine parts are all installed in the electric control cabinet, can be in the electric control cabinet point to grasp the tunnel fan, and flash the fan of various shapes.


  2, car control room control level.


  The intelligent generator motor maintenance device in the electric control cabinet collects the tunnel fan shape volume through the high voltage network to open the computer balcony in the car control room, and the construction equipment active trivial gateway to suspend the dual-channel redundant communication, also can be BAS trivial preparation of good grasp synthesis to tell the fan by the high voltage gateway after communication directly to the bottom equipment. 


  3、Control centre control level.


  Under urgent circumstances, can also arrange directly through the telephone a certain number of ports are in the car control room of the analysis of the backup plate implementation of the corresponding ring control way grasp. The maintenance of electrical effect often has a definite connection with its grasp way, that is, there is grasp in maintenance, grasp in maintenance. The way to grasp and maintain the generator is breaking the contactor, hot replacement or perhaps the road robber grasp and maintain the preservation way, grasp the centre can link two perhaps above the port of the ring control equipment to participate in the condition grasp. the BAS trivial gateway will tunnel fan shape quantity direct continuous network communication _ upload to grasp the centre, also through the communication network will tell directly down to the bottom.


  4、In-place control level priority. 


  Is next to the fan device grasp knob box, for the fan to suspend grasp and flash the shape of each family, and then improper maintenance and maintenance of the general work of the fan. 


  But no matter what kind of control way of tunnel fan, should be serious and responsible, not negligent and careless. Especially when the fan is found to have an unexpected failure, must not panic, to calmly and quickly immediately notify to the person in charge, immediately go to the fan to deal with.


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