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Design of the ventilation duct layout for tunnel fans

            Before installing the tunnel fan, it is necessary to go through strict and precise measurement and design before formal installation, otherwise it is likely to be installed without considering other factors and conditions, especially when the ventilation pipe of the fan is very critical.

Before the installation of tunnel fans, they need to go through strict, accurate measurement, design before formal installation, otherwise directly to the installation, without taking into account other factors and conditions, it is likely to be installed in a variety of conditions, especially the ventilation pipe of the fan is very critical, once the ventilation pipe layout design errors, resulting in the later installation errors, directly affecting the gas can not be discharged normally, and thus the health of the staff This can lead to health hazards for staff. So how exactly should the design of the ventilation tube layout? The following Zhaotuo fan brings a set of standard design scheme. 

  1, tunnel fan gantry material should be used I16 I-beam, by three to four bays of arch frame combination. 

  2, longitudinal gantry using channel steel coupling firmly, if necessary, can increase the diagonal support. 

  3, fan gantry foundation using C20 concrete pouring, the top size of the foundation to ensure that the fan distribution cabinet and rain shelter can be installed. 

  4, tunnel fan foundation and fan gantry size combined with the site tunnel situation specific adjustment. 

  5、The top surface of the fan gantry is laid with Φ14 rebar mesh with a grid spacing of 15cm*15cm. 

  The above layout design of the tunnel fan ventilation duct can be said to be the standard of the designers after time and time again measurement, design, simulation, and finally arrived at, but this does not mean that all ventilation ducts must be carried out in accordance with this program, this is only a reference standard for all air duct installation, the actual installation or according to the construction of the site to make slight modifications to make a more suitable installation design program.





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