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The role and advantages of tunnel jet fans

The role and advantages of tunnel jet fans.
1. Tunnel jet fans are commonly used fans in tunnels. It is a high-powered industrial ventilation fan. Its purpose is to make the air flow in the tunnel, expel the car exhaust and inflow fresh air, so that the car exhaust in the tunnel is diluted and the hazard is reduced.
2. If a fire occurs in a tunnel jet fan, these fans can be turned on in reverse depending on the location of the fire starting point, reducing the air flow and slowly increasing the fire so that everyone has enough time to evacuate.
1. Before choosing a tunnel jet fan, it is important to understand the production and product quality of domestic tunnel jet fans, such as the variety and specifications of the production of tunnel jet fans, the special uses of various products, the development and promotion of new products, etc.. The tunnel jet fan, while also taking full account of the requirements of environmental protection, and thus the choice of the tunnel jet fan.
2. According to the different physical and chemical properties of the tunnel jet fan conveying gas, the choice of different uses of the tunnel jet fan. Such as the transport of sex, flammable gas should be selected explosion-proof tunnel jet fan; dust or coal dust transport should be selected dust or coal dust tunnel jet fan; transport corrosive gases should be selected corrosion tunnel jet fan; work in high-temperature environment or transport high-temperature gas, high-temperature tunnel jet fan should be selected.
3. Tunnel jet fans are mainly used for tunnel construction in the emission of harmful gases, is to provide a good construction environment for tunnel construction, to maintain the health of workers, to ensure normal and smooth construction, improve efficiency and ensure the quality of the project, because ***, the use of internal combustion engine.
For jet fan manufacturers, selection is very important. Selection experience has to be shared.
4. When there are more than two kinds of tunnel jet fans available in the performance chart of the tunnel jet fan selection, the first choice is to choose the one with higher efficiency, less number of machines and larger adjustment range, of course, to weigh the pros and cons for comparison and decision. SDS series tunnel jet fans are generally used in various underground facilities, especially road, railway and underground tunnels. It is mainly hung on the top or both sides of the tunnel, does not occupy the traffic area, does not need to build another air duct, has high energy efficiency, low noise, high temperature resistance, simple and reliable installation, simple operation and maintenance, etc.. It is a very economical way of ventilation.
The reversible switching time of tunnel jet fans is very important in emergency situations. This series of SDS(R) reversible fans has both electronic and mechanical switching methods, allowing for fast switching between forward and reverse rotation in a short time.
1. High temperature resistant operation.
The fans in this range have been tested at high temperatures and can operate normally at 280°C or higher for more than 30 minutes without damage, meeting mandatory fire and smoke extraction standards. Fans are subjected to a series of tests every day before leaving the factory to ensure proper fan operation.
2. Muffler lengths are available.
When fans are used in tunnels where the space is small and the noise level is relatively high, mufflers are usually installed at the inlet and outlet of the fan. Muffler lengths can be divided into primary diameter lengths and secondary diameter lengths as required. For more demanding mufflers secondary diameter lengths can be selected.
3. Survey service
To ensure the effectiveness of the fan, an installation survey will be carried out on site. It is service and the pursuit of quality.
The tunnel jet fan is a special type of axial fan, mainly used in longitudinal ventilation systems in tunnels such as roads, railways and subways to provide full thrust; it can also be used in semi-transverse ventilation systems or sensitive parts of transverse ventilation systems, such as the entrance and exit of tunnels, to induce airflow or expel smoke.

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