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Characteristics of impeller of high pressure centrifugal fan

 1: High pressure centrifugal fan is generally used for forging and smelting furnace and high pressure forced ventilation, and can be widely used in high pressure , conveying air, no corrosion, no spontaneous combustion, no viscous substance gas, medium temperature generally does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius (the maximum is not more than 80) dust contained in the medium several hard particles are not more than 150 mg /m3.

2: High pressure centrifugal fan impeller characteristics: the number of impeller blades are different. What we usually see is generally twelve blades, and there are also sixteen blades. The number of impeller blades depends on the various types of high-pressure fans in various factories. Secondly, the impeller blade is unified forward bending, there is no back bending or radial blade, after forming the impeller can move or static balance adjustment, so the purpose of the design is for the high pressure fan impeller can run stably.

3: The impeller of high pressure centrifugal fan is frontbent, which will be contaminated with a lot of dust, which has a great impact on the use of the fan. If the dust phenomenon is serious, it is likely to lead to a lot of applause in the fan. It is recommended to use the filter under the condition of high dust content.


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