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Combined use of fans

       Now many large factories are equipped with a large number of axial flow fans, the purpose is to relieve the high temperature pressure in the room. Even so, the staff inside may still feel stuffy, and there is still so much dust and odor.

      So what is the reason? This starts with the working principle of the axial flow fan. The air flow of the axial flow fan is on one axis, that is to say, if a person stands next to the axis of the fan, he may not feel the airflow at all. The air is seldom able to drive.

      On the contrary, negative pressure fans are completely different. The negative pressure fan is like a reverse sprayer. It absorbs the air in a trumpet shape. It not only drives the airflow of the fan axis, but rolls the air from the inside of the fan in a trumpet shape. People standing next to the fan axis can You will feel a strong air current.

      This characteristic of the negative pressure fan determines its thoroughness and high efficiency of exhaust, but relatively, its airflow is relatively small and relatively uniform. Therefore, in a high-temperature workshop or factory building, the best choice is to install the axial flow fan and the negative pressure fan interspersed, so as to ensure the strength of the wind and have a better density.

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