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A few factors for failure of mineral fan

 There will be some failures when using a mining fan, so today we will talk about what treatment we need when the frequency conversion failure of the mining fan. First of all, what we want to say is the reason for overloading. Generally, the motor can rotate, but the operating current exceeds the rated value and is called it as the rated value.

Basic features of overload: Although the current exceeds the rated value, it is not large, and generally does not form a large impact current (otherwise it will become overcurrent faults), and the overload has a time accumulation. When reaching the load failure, the main reasons for the frequent load of the mines are the following points:

(1) Excessive mechanical load, its main feature is that the motor is heating, which can be found to read the running current from the inverter display.

(2) Undefeating three -phase voltage, which causes a certain phase to operate too large, resulting in overloaded cards. It is characterized by imbalanced electric motor. When reading the running current from the display, it may not be found. Show a phase current).

(3) Motor movement, the current detection part of the inverter fails, and the detected current signal is too large, resulting in overloading.

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