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4-73 boiler fan product introduction

 Model Y4-73 boiler ventilator and induced draft fan Suitable for boiler ventilator and induced draft fan system. In the absence of special requirements can be used for mine ventilation and general ventilation; Mainly used to meet the need for large air flow places, low noise, high efficiency. Can transport room temperature or high temperature clean gas, dust gas, flammable gas, corrosive gas, powder or granular materials. Typical applications are: Building ventilation, mine ventilation, smoke exhaust, drying, clinker cooling, gas delivery, light material delivery, industrial boiler system of the blast and ventilation, kiln system/incinerator system of air supply and ventilation, air purification equipment, industrial dust collector system, in addition to the industrial field, in agriculture and civil fields are also often used, is the most widely used fan series.

二:product features:

1, Y4-73 boiler through, induced draft fan can work stably in the higher medium temperature, in the case of meeting the pressure requirements, can output a large gas flow, low noise. 

2, the blade placement Angle is optimized, more wear resistance, longer service life.

3. Adjustable door can be used to flexibly adjust the pressure and flow of the fan during operation. Variable frequency motor can also be selected to adjust the pressure and flow of the fan by changing the speed.

4. 4, according to different working temperature and working speed, choose to use high strength carbon steel, low alloy steel, high temperature resistant alloy steel, high temperature resistant high strength alloy steel, so that the impeller and spindle still maintain reliable strength at high temperature.

5. 5. The fan system with the nominal diameter of the impeller less than 1400mm running at normal temperature does not need additional bearing cooling device, which reduces the investment and maintenance workload of the user.

6. 6. The impeller is annealed to eliminate the internal stress of the structure generated during welding, so as to ensure that the impeller will not have contour creep and crack.

7, the impeller's weld and spindle through ultrasonic inspection, to ensure that there are no welding defects and material defects, to ensure strength. The impeller is calibrated by high standard dynamic balance to ensure the stable operation of the fan.

8, the fan accessories are complete, for users to choose configuration.

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